Flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast

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Jewish Autonomous Oblast
Flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.svg
Adopted27 October 1996
DesignA rainbow on a white background of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple.
Designed byA. D. Valyaev
Flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (1996-07).svg
Variant flag of Jewish Autonomous Oblast
Usefirst official flag
Adopted31 July 1996
The JAO flag at a public event in Birobidzhan.

The Jewish Autonomous Oblast is situated in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia.

Its flag consists of a rainbow on a white background, with seven narrow horizontal colored stripes: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue and purple. The number of colors is meant to symbolize the seven-branched Jewish Menorah. The flag's aspect ratio is 2:3.

The seven colored stripes are centered vertically and regularly spaced; they have a height each equal to 140 of the total flag's height, and are separated by a thin spacing equal to 1120 of the total flag's height.[1]

The rainbow flag design was adopted in 27 October 1996.[2]


The white color of the cloth represents purity. Rainbows are the biblical symbol of peace, happiness, goodness. The number of bands of the rainbow equal to the number of candles in the Menorah, one of the national religious Jewish symbols. The Menorah speaks of the creation of the world in seven days, and the number of bands of the rainbow emphasizes the connection with the ancient Jewish symbol. Also, the rainbow may symbolize the Seven Noahide laws.

Rainbow flag controversy[edit]

In 2013, the flag was checked according to the Russian gay propaganda law for the presence of "gay propaganda", because of its resemblance to the LGBT flag. The JAO flag was confirmed as safe because of its white background, white stripes and the seventh (light blue) colour.[3] JAO flag colours are also slightly different from the basic spectral colours, with gold in place of yellow, vivid blue instead of light blue, and indigo as dark blue.[4]

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