Flag of the Komi Republic

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Flag of the Komi Republic
Flag of the Komi ASSR

The Flag of the Komi Republic is the flag that represents the Komi Republic, a federal subject and republic of Russia. The flag is a horizontal tricolour composed of three bars of, from top to bottom, medium blue, green, and white. Together, they represent Komi's natural wealth. The blue represents the splendour and spaciousness of the northern sky. The green represents nature, its bounty, and the taiga. The white represents the color of snow, the purity of nature in the north, simplicity, and austerity, as well as Komi being a country in the north. According to a different interpretation, the white represents the equality and unity of the people and cultures living in Komi.

The flag was adopted on November 27, 1991. The proportions were initially 1:2, but later changed to 2:3 on December 26, 1997.

Former flag[edit]

During the Soviet era, the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic had a flag based on the flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, with just the text "Komi ASSR" added to it in Chyrillic letters.