Flag of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

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Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic
Flag of the Uzbek SSR.svg
Flag of the Uzbek SSR (1952–1991)
Use Historical
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 29 August 1952
Design A triband flag with the colors (from top to bottom) red, blue, and red, with the blue band frimbrated in white, with a golden hammer and sickle in the upper canton
Flag of Uzbek SSR (reverse).svg
Reverse flag
Use Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion 1:2
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg
Flag of the Uzbek SSR (renamed Republic of Uzbekistan) in 1991, five weeks before the Soviet Union's dissolution.
Name Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston davlat bayrogʻi
Use Historical
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 18 November 1991
Design A horizontal blue, white and green stripes, separated by two narrow red stripes. A crescent and three rows of twelve stars are situated on the left side of the upper blue stripe.

The flag of the Uzbek SSR was adopted by the Uzbek SSR on 29 August 1952. The red represents the "revolutionary struggle of the working masses", the hammer and sickle represents the peasants' and workers' union, and the red star is the symbol of the communist party. There is no official explanation for the symbolic meanings of other elements. However, in some material the white stripes represent cotton, the blue band represents Amu Darya and irrigation in general.[1]


Before that, from 9 January 1926, the flag was much the same, but with the country's name in Uzbek, Russian and Tajik.

The first flag was hoisted on 22 July 1925 and was red, with the country's name in Arabic and the Cyrillic characters УзССР in the top-left corner in gold. Between 1931 and 1937, the flag was much the same, but with the Uzbek abbreviation OzSSC, and its Russian equivalent: "УзССР."

Between 14 February 1937 and the adoption of the flag in the 1940s, the flag was the same, but with the Uzbek country's name in Latin characters: "OZBEKISTAN SSR." In 1940, the flag was red with the country's name in both Uzbek (Ўзбекистон ССР, Oʻzbekiston SSR) and Russian (Узбекская ССР, Uzbekskaya SSR) languages in gold in the top-left corner.

The last Uzbek SSR was adopted on 29 August 1952. Although the flag is visually identical to the Soviet flag, the red panel has a light blue (azure) down the middle of the whole flag length. At the edges of the light blue stripes are narrow white. The blue stripe with white edges is 1/5 (one-fifth) of the flag width. The specification amendments were accepted on 27 September 1974 and 30 June 1981[2]

On 31 August 1991, the Uzbek SSR was renamed to the Republic of Uzbekistan and the flag remained in use until 18 November 1991, although the republic remained within the Soviet Union before its dissolution on 26 December 1991.


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