Flagg Coal Company 75

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Flagg Coal Company 75
Flagg Coal 0-4-0T No75.jpg
Flagg Coal at Train Festival 2009 in Owosso, Michigan
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes Barre, PA
Serial number 3972
Build date December 1930
Configuration 0-4-0ST
UIC class B
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Driver dia. 38 in (965 mm)
Adhesive weight 82,000 lb (37.2 metric tons)
Loco weight 82,000 lb (37.2 metric tons)
Fuel type Coal
Boiler pressure 150 lbf/in2 (1.03 MPa)
Cylinders Two, outside
Cylinder size 14 in × 22 in (356 mm × 559 mm)
Valve type Slide valves
Performance figures
Tractive effort 18,325 lbf (81.51 kN)
Operators Flagg Coal Company,
Solvay Process Quarry
Numbers FCC 2,
Solvay Process Quarry 75
Locale Michigan
Retired 1954
Restored 1991–2002
Current owner John and Barney Gramling
Steam Railroading Institute
Disposition Runs daily train rides and occasional excursions, occasionally based on Owosso, Michigan, at Steam Railroading Institute

Flagg Coal Company 75 is a 0-4-0 saddletank steam locomotive built for the Flagg Coal Company in 1930. Restored and owned by John and Byron Gramling, the engine was loaned in 2002 to the Steam Railroading Institute where it is used for demonstrations and for powering train rides and excursions. Originally numbered Flagg Coal Company 2, the locomotive's number was changed to 75 when it was sold to the Solvay Process Quarry in 1935. It never actually wore "Flagg Coal Company 75" during its service life.


FCC 75 went into service in December 1930 as #2 for the Flagg Coal Company of Avoca, Pennsylvania, where it was used as a switch engine. In 1935 it was sold to the Solvay Process Co. in Jamesville, New York, and renumbered 75. It was then used to push 4-wheel hopper cars from the steam shovel to the crusher at the rock quarry. In the early 1950s the Solvay Process Co. replaced the 0-4-0s like # 75 with trucks and dieselized the handling of finished crushed stone with two GE 80 tonners, #5 and #6. (#6 now belongs to the Central NY Chapter, NRHS along with former Solvay Process Co. Alco 0-4-0 # 53). In 1954, #75 and twelve other locomotives were sold to Dr. Groman and his planned Rail City Museum in Sandy Pond, New York. The locomotive sat there untouched until 1991 when John and Barney Gramling purchased it with the intent to restore it to operating condition. The father-son duo painstakingly disassembled the locomotive, moved it to their shop in Ashley, Indiana and over the course of the following ten years returned it to service. In 2002 John and Barney loaned the locomotive to the Steam Railroading Institute where it was used for demonstrations and to power steam excursions.


Flagg Coal Company 75 has traveled around the country to operate, give demonstrations and educate the public about steam locomotive operation and history. The locomotive has made a few historic appearances, such as being the first steam locomotive to operate in Port Huron, Michigan, since the early 1960s.