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Flagler Estates is an unincorporated community in Flagler and St. Johns counties in the U.S. state of Florida. It is located 8 mi (13 km) southeast of Hastings, Florida. The Flagler County portion of Flagler Estates is part of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach, FL metropolitan statistical area, while the St. Johns County portion is part of the Jacksonville Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of May 2006, there were an estimated 1,500 families residing in Flagler Estates.


Flagler Estates is located at 29°38′15″N 81°27′27″W / 29.63750°N 81.45750°W / 29.63750; -81.45750Coordinates: 29°38′15″N 81°27′27″W / 29.63750°N 81.45750°W / 29.63750; -81.45750.

The Flagler Estates Road and Water Control District FERWCD encompasses about 7,416 acres (30 km2) in the unincorporated areas of St. Johns County. The main entrance is off State Road 13 onto Flagler Estates Boulevard, shown in the picture to the right.

There are 6,181 acres (25 km2) of residential lots in Flagler Estates. Most lots are 1.13 acres (4,600 m2) in area (excludes road easement).

Although it covers a wide area, the nearest services are in Palatka, across the St. Johns River. The only services are Buzz Mart and Dollar General, at the corner of Flagler Estates Boulevard and CR 13. The main river that runs through the central area is Deep Creek. More details below. 2.4 miles (3.9 km) east of the area is Old Brick Road, a U.S. National Register of Historic Place. It is located 12 miles (19 km) east of Palatka. The area is known for its large lot sizes.

Government jurisdiction[edit]

Prior to January 2004, the FERWCD district was located Flagler and St. Johns counties. The Flagler County portion of the District was removed from the District Boundaries effective January 1, 2004. This de-annexation was codified in Chapter 2006-358, Laws of Florida. In the 2006 codification bill, lands owned by FERWCD north of the Ashley Outfall were added into the District.

Land use[edit]

The current land-uses within the District boundaries are generally 1.25-acre (5,100 m2) residential. On the east side of the watershed, outside the District boundaries, the primary land-use is silviculture. On the west side of the watershed, outside the District boundaries, the primary land-use is agricultural. In the Flagler County portion of the watershed, the land-use is mixed between silviculture, agriculture, and wetland. In this area, about 60% of the land area could be classified as wetland.

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