Flags whose reverse differs from the obverse

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This article concerns national, sub-national, and historical flags whose reverse is, or was, at some point of their history, different from the obverse.


San Juan[edit]


Stara Zagora[edit]


National flag (1990–2010)[edit]



Philippines (1898-1901)[edit]

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic[edit]

Soviet Union (1923-1991)[edit]

Note: While the flag was officially two-sided, in practice the flag was usually made through and through.
All flags of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union did not bear the hammer and sickle on their reverse side.



United States[edit]

Alabama (1861–1865)[edit]

Massachusetts (1908–1971)[edit]


Symbol key[edit]

  • FIAV normal.svg FIAV twosided.svg FIAV reverse.svg reverse differs from the obverse
  • 3:5 aspect ratio of height to width
  • FIAV historical.svg flag has been retired
  • FIAV 100000.svg private land use
  • FIAV 010000.svg public land use
  • FIAV 001000.svg military land use
  • FIAV 000100.svg private sea use
  • FIAV 000010.svg public sea use
  • FIAV 000001.svg military sea use

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