Flags whose reverse differs from the obverse

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This article concerns national, sub-national, and historical flags whose reverse is, or was, at some point of their history, different from the obverse.

Nation Subdivision Dates Obverse Reverse Notes
Argentina San Juan Bandera de la Provincia de San Juan.svg Bandera de la Provincia de San Juan (reverso).svg List of Argentine flags
Bulgaria Stara Zagora Flag of Stara Zagora (obverse).svg Flag of Stara Zagora (reverse).svg Flag of Bulgaria
Moldova 1990–2010 Flag of Moldova.svg Flag of Moldova back.svg Flag of Moldova
Moldova Transnistria Flag of Transnistria (state).svg Flag of Transnistria.svg Flag of Transnistria
Paraguay Flag of Paraguay.svg Flag of Paraguay (reverse).svg Flag of Paraguay
Philippines 1898-1901 Philippines Aguinaldo flag (reverse).svg Philippines Aguinaldo flag (obverse).svg Flag of First Philippine Republic
  • Obverse has "Fuerzas Expeditionarias del Norte de Luzon" inscribed
  • Reverse has the words "Libertad Justicia e Igualdad" inscribed.
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (reverse).svg Flag of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Soviet Union 1923-1991 Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Flag of the Soviet Union (reverse).svg While the flag of the Soviet Union was officially two-sided, in practice the flag was usually made through and through. All flags of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union did not bear the hammer and sickle on their reverse side.
Spain Arapiles Bandera de Arapiles.svg Bandera de Arapiles reverso.svg
United States Alabama 1861–1865 Flag of Alabama (1861, obverse).svg Flag of Alabama (1861, reverse).svg Flag of Alabama
Massachusetts 1908–1971 Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of Massachusetts (1908-1971).svg In 1971 the pine tree design on the reverse of the flag of Massachusetts was replaced by the obverse design; a shield depicting an Algonquian Native American with bow and arrow, with the arrow pointed downwards signifying peace.
Minnesota 1893-1957 Flag of Minnesota (1893-1957).svg Flag of Minnesota (1893).svg Flag of Minnesota
Oregon Flag of Oregon.svg Flag of Oregon (reverse).svg The flag of Oregon is currently the only double-sided state flag.

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