Flamboyant Bella

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Flamboyant Bella
Origin Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Genres Indie/pop
Years active 2006–2010
Website www.FlamboyantBella.com
Members Flo Kirton
James McBreen
Mitch Rose
Elliot "Doreen" Rose

Flamboyant Bella was a British indie/pop band that came to wider attention from online social networks including MySpace. The band was No.4 in MySpace's Top 10 unsigned bands.[citation needed] The current line up was formed in August 2006; the band's first gig was after just two weeks of practicing.


On 16 March,[when?] Flo Kirton announced on Myspace that they had "decided it's time to move on to a new thing", because of James McBreen, Mitch "Doreen" Rose and Elliot Rose going to university. However, Kirton also announced that she was carrying on with a new band. She is currently[when?] looking for a bass guitarist, guitarist, keyboard player and drummer while writing with Stefan from the Midnight Beast. She also said, "Thanks for all of your support of Flamboyant Bella and I’m looking forward to sharing my new music with you."[1]

Previous band members[edit]

The band had four members, Kirton, McBreen and the Rose brothers.[2]

Kirton and McBreen are the vocalists and guitarists of the band, McBreen also playing synthesiser.[3] Elliot Rose plays the drums and Mitch Rose plays bass guitar.[3] McBreen wrote all of the band's songs except one, 'Come True' which was penned by Kirton.

McBreen is currently studying at[when?] Nottingham University where he has held a voluntary position as Head of Culture at Nottingham University Television Station.[4] He has a new band with fellow students called, 'Walter Bottle' which has had air play on BBC Radio Nottingham. The Rose brothers are at University and still pursue their interests in music.

Released material[edit]

The band has released three records. "Practically Saintly" (2006) and "Lost In These Beats" (2007) were both self-released and sold to fans through their MySpace page and at gigs. Their first single, "Touch", was released on 4 August 2008[5] through Beefy Boy Records as part of Biglife Management. The band toured the UK in August 2008 to promote the single.[5][6] The most recent release from the band was a re-recorded version of "Absolutely Wankered", which was offered as a free download.[citation needed] The band is currently[when?] in the studio recording its first album, and plans to release a new single in the coming months.[citation needed]


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