Flaming Doctor Pepper

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Flaming Doctor Pepper
Flaming dr pepper (101492893).jpg
Type Mixed drink
May be served flaming
Primary alcohol by volume
Standard drinkware A pub glass and a shot glass.
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Shot Glass (Standard).svg
Commonly used ingredients
  • 1 pint (~13 parts) beer
  • 3 parts Amaretto
  • 1 part high-proof liquor
Preparation Layer the two spirits in the shot glass, with the high-proof liquor on top. Light the shot and allow it to burn; then extinguish it by dropping it into the beer glass. Drink immediately.

A Flaming Doctor Pepper is a flaming cocktail said to taste like the soft drink Dr Pepper, although Dr Pepper is not one of its ingredients.[1]


It is usually made by filling a shot glass with 3 parts Amaretto and 1 part high-proof liquor, such as Everclear or Bacardi 151.[2][3][4] The two liquors are not mixed; the high-proof alcohol is layered on top of the Amaretto. The shot is then set on fire and dropped into a glass half-filled with beer. The flames are extinguished by the beer, and the cocktail should then be drunk quickly.

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