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Flamingo 50 was an English punk band from Liverpool. They released two albums, three EPs and four split records, and toured extensively in the UK and France.

Band members[edit]

  • Louise Hanman, vocals and guitar
  • Morgan Brown, drums and vocals
  • Will Fitzpatrick, bass and vocals
  • Karen Timms, bass and vocals 1999-2003
  • Laura Pye, bass 2003-2004



  • The Sodastream Selector Volume 1 - split w/Fabiola (Sodastream Politics)
  • Go Betsy Go! EP (No Concessions)
  • Two Birds One Stone EP (Spank Records)
  • split w/J Church (Los Diaper)
  • split w/The Measure (SA) (Ernest Jenning Recording Co.)



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