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Flanders District of Creativity or Flanders DC is a non-profit organization founded by the Flemish government, on 7 May 2004, to make the Flemish economy more competitive through creativity, entrepreneurship, and further internationalization.



  • Creativity World Forum (The DC's meet @ the CWF)
  • GPS brainstorming kit (idea generation tool)
  • Flanders DC Fellows (50 entrepreneurs, managers testify on creative entrepreneurship in schools)
  • De Bedenkers (TV Show in collaboration with Flanders DC)
  • SOS Idee (free first-aid service for people with an idea or invention)
  • The Future Summit (Event on trends)
  • ...

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  • Flanders DC (Flanders DC website and creativity portal)
  • Creativity World Forum
  • De Bedenkers
  • The Future Summit
  • www.flandersdc.com is a hoax. The domain names FLANDERSDC.COM, FLANDERSDC.NET, FLANDERSDC.ORG and FLANDERS-DC.COM are the exclusive intellectual property of REDVERTISING SL. Redvertising has copied content and adapted the old Flanders DC logo from the old flandersdc.be in order to look a little bit like the original. These domains have nothing to do with Flanders District of Creativity, the organisation described in this article.