Flanimals of the Deep

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Flanimals of the Deep
FlanimalsoftheDeep Book Cover.jpg
Flanimals of the Deep book cover
Author Ricky Gervais
Illustrator Rob Steen
Cover artist Rob Steen
Published 2006 (Faber and Faber)
Media type Hardback
ISBN 0-571-23403-8
OCLC 70881855
Preceded by More Flanimals
Followed by Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling

Flanimals of the Deep (ISBN 0571234038) is the third book in the Flanimals series from British comedian Ricky Gervais and illustrator Rob Steen. The book was published by Faber and Faber, London, UK on 5 October 2006 and includes such Flanimals as the Mulgi, Flambols, Bif Uddlers and Mulons.

Flanimals of the Deep won the 'Best Stocking Filler' book of the year in 2006, as voted on Richard and Judy's Christmas Book Reviews. It was also named the "WH Smith Children's Book of the Year" for 2007.[1]

List of Flanimals[edit]

  • Mulon – a humanoid extremely intelligent Flanimal.
  • Groy – a small farming aquatic Flanimal.
  • Sleeb – a slow moving bovine-like Flanimal farmed by the groy.
  • Molf – an aggressive shark-like aquatic Flanimal.
  • Sproy – a many 'noizeld' Flanimal.
  • Plumph – a Flanimal that can pull its eyes into its body for protection but damages its own eyes on its own poison.
  • Hungloid – a large fish-like Flanimal.
  • Klug Snipe – a hideous aquatic Flanimal.
  • Roxstrambler – a crab-like predatory Flanimal.
  • Spryflajer – an aquatic Flanimal with tennis racket shaped fins.
  • Splug – a jellyfish-like Flanimal that hates itself.
  • Blamp – an old fish-like Flanimal.
  • Ungler Water Mungler – an aquatic version of the Mung Ungler.
  • Flambol – a flat paper thin Flanimal.

Additional Flanimals[edit]

[clarification needed]

  • Grob – a mythical heavenly Flanimal.
  • Lazabranks – a family of primitive shark-like unskulled Flanimals.
  • Snish – simple fish-like Flanimals.
  • Scrownocks – aquatic Flanimals that produce a spine-tingling scream.
  • Brones – thin jawed aquatic Flanimals.
  • Skrolls – terrifying demonic-like aquatic Flanimals that inhabit the brine.

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