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Flare Technology was a computer hardware company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1986 by Martin Brennan, Ben Cheese, and John Mathieson, former engineers at Sinclair Research.

Flare Technology first worked for Amstrad before developing a technology-demonstrator system called Flare One.[1] The Flare One was intended as a home computer or games console with extensive audio and video capabilities. It was related to the Loki project they had worked on previously at Sinclair Research, which in turn was derived from the ZX Spectrum home computer.

The Flare One was used in some arcade game cabinets[2] including a line of video quiz machines produced by Bellfruit.[3] The Flare 1 chipset was further developed into the Konix Multisystem Slipstream prototype.

In 1989 Martin Brennan was contracted by Atari Corp. to complete and implement the chip design of the unreleased Atari Panther.[3]

Martin Brennan and John Mathieson went on to design the Flare II, which was purchased by Atari and became Atari Jaguar.


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