Flash Back

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Flash Back
Capsule Flash Back.jpg
Studio album by Capsule
Released December 5, 2007 (Japan)
Genre J-pop, dance, retro-pop, electropop
Language Japanese, with some English
Label Contemode
Producer Yasutaka Nakata
Capsule chronology
Capsule rmx
(2007)Capsule rmx2007
Flash Back
More! More! More!
(2008)More! More! More!2008

Flash Back is an album by the Japanese electronica band Capsule. It was released on 5 December 2007. It is their first original album to be released after they announced a semi-hiatus in summer 2007, after promotions for Sugarless Girl finished. The album was also released on the same day as Nakata's recording with MEG, "Beam".

Track list[edit]

* indicates vocals from the duo's vocalist, Koshijima Toshiko.

No. Title Length
1. "construction" 1:01
2. "FLASH BACK" 4:43
3. "Eternity*" 4:08
4. "You are the reason" 5:14
5. "Love Me" 4:09
6. "I'm Feeling You*" 5:06
7. "MUSiXXX*" 5:35
8. "Get down*" 4:21
9. "Electric light Moon light*" 3:45