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Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids, now known as Flash Cadillac, are an American retro rock 'n' roll band. They are best known for their portrayal of the group Herby and the Heartbeats in the film American Graffiti, to which they contributed three songs: cover versions of "At the Hop" and "Louie, Louie", and the original composition "She's So Fine".[1][2] Their version of "At the Hop" was released as a single in 1973.[3] They had charts hits with "Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)", written by Lynsey De Paul and Barry Blue, "Good Times, Rock and Roll" and "Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)".[4] "Dancin' (On A Saturday Night)" also reached the Swedish top 10 in 1974.[5] They also released a cover version of Wizzard's "See My Baby Jive" written by Roy Wood in 1977.[6]


The band began in 1969 in Boulder, Colorado at the University of Colorado with Kris Moe as the keyboardist, Linn Phillips guitar, Warren Knight on bass, Harold Fielden on drums and Mick "Flash" Manresa as front man and guitar. The band got its name, "Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids" from Hughey Plumley who spent most of his time in the back of a Boulder bar, The Sink, and who entertained himself by creating names for bands.[7]

Kris Moe and Charlie Phillips (Linn's brother) were college roommates, and that is how Kris came to meet Linn and form the band which performed for the first time in February 1969 at a frathouse party. They then moved to Los Angeles in 1970 to try to break into the big time. When the original "Flash," the lead singer and several other band members decided to return to school in 1971, Kris Moe, Linn Phillips and Warren Knight decided to replace "Flash" and auditioned and eventually hired Sam McFadin from [Security, Colorado]. The Los Angeles house they lived in was called "The Tiltin' Hilton".


  • 1972 : Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids
  • 1974 : There's No Face Like Chrome
  • 1975 : Rock & Roll Forever (Two disc compilation album)
  • 1975 : Sons of the Beaches
  • 1988 : Later Than Midnight


Year Title Label Peak positions
US (Billboard) US (Cashbox) US (Radio & Records)
1974 "Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)" Epic 93 79
1975 "Good Times, Rock and Roll" Private Stock 41 45
1976 "Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)" Private Stock 29 25 22


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