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Darin - Flashback.jpg
Studio album by Darin
Released 3 December 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop
Label EpicSony Music
Producer RedOne, Twin, David Jassy, Jason Gill, Johan Bobäck, Ilya, Murlyn Music
Darin chronology
Break the News
Singles from Flashback
  1. "Breathing Your Love"
    Released: 10 October 2008
  2. "See U At The Club"
    Released: 15 January 2009
  3. "What If"
    Released: 5 March 2009
  4. "Runaway"
    Released: March 2009
  5. "Karma"
    Released: 2009

Flashback is the fourth studio album by Swedish singer/songwriter Darin Zanyar. It was released on 3 December 2008 in Sweden and became Darin's 4th top 10 album. It features the physical singles "Breathing Your Love" and "What If" plus the digital singles "Runaway" and "See U At The Club". This is the first album to see Darin contributing both musically and lyrically, this occurs on all but one track. The song "Karma" feat. David Jassy was released to the Swedish radio station "The Voice" and holds the position 12 at the "Voice Topp 20".


In summer 2007 Darin went back into the studio to start work on his 4th studio album with producers such as Murlyn Music, Johan Bobäck and RedOne who have worked with such acts as Akon and Michael Jackson. Flashback has taken longer to complete than any of Darin’s previous albums, and he has also taken part in writing the music and lyrics in a completely different manner than before saying "I have been writing songs since I was 14 years old, I have taken part in writing and co-producing all of the songs except for one on this record. It is important to me that people understand that I write my songs myself, since many don't think this is the case". Speaking on his official site about some of the tracks written for the album Darin says of the songs...

Darin enlisted the help of American singer Kat DeLuna for the lead single Breathing Your Love which was produced by RedOne with whom DeLuna had previously worked. The single was released in October 2008 and charted at number 2 on the Swedish singles chart.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Breathing Your Love" (featuring Kat Deluna) 3:53 (Darin/Bilal Hajji/Novel/RedOne)
  2. "Seasons Fly" 3:02 (Linda Sundblad/Johan "JB" Bobäck/Darin)
  3. "Road Trip" 4:45 (Ilya KnocDown/David Jassy/Darin)
  4. "Dance" 3:33 (A. Curtis/Darin/J Gill/S. Gill/RedOne)
  5. "Karma" (featuring David Jassy) 3:57 (Ilya KnocDown/David Jassy)
  6. "Flashback" 3:56 (Stefan Gräslund/Darin/David Jassy/Magnus Wallbert)
  7. "Strobelight" 3:48 (Darin/David Jassy/Magnus Wallbert/Stefan Gräslund)
  8. "Girl Next Door" 3:11 (Darin/Bilal Hajji/RedOne/Novel)
  9. "Runaway" 3:02 (David Jassy/Magnus Wallbert/Stefan Gräslund/Darin)
  10. "Paradise" 3:59 (A. Curtis/Darin/J Gill/S. Gill)
  11. "See U At The Club" 3:43 (Darin/RedOne/Novel/Bilal Hajji)
  12. "What If" (Bonus Track) 3:34 (Niclas Molinder/David Jassy/Joacim Persson/Johan Alkenäs)

Bonus edition[edit]

  1. Brought Me Back 3:30 (Darin/Bilal Hajji/Novel/RedOne)
  2. Insanity (The Attic Remix Radio Edit) 3:41 (Patric Sarin/Peter Månsson/Darin)
  3. Breathing Your Love (Acoustic) 3:26 (Darin/Bilal Hajji/Novel/RedOne)

Release history[edit]

Region Date
Sweden December 3, 2008


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