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Flashback is a Flash animation by Danny Gomez. It has been widely circulated around the Internet, especially in psychedelic trance and goa trance communities. For many others, outside of these communities, it served as their first introduction to this genre of music.

The animation starts out from a fly's point of view traversing through a landscape and various rooms in a city. It flies into a psychiatrist's office, where a patient (Gomez, credited as "Someone Else"), complains to his doctor (credit as "Albert Hofmann as Doc") that he suffers from hallucinations. The doctor decides to introduce a new experimental hypnosis influenced by shamanic medicine, by lighting an incense candle and banging on a drum, which apparently causes the patient to go into a trance. The rest of the video features psychedelic music and intense imagery, the images taken from the artwork 'Discover', also by Danny Gomez. The video ends with the camera following the same path as the fly originally did at the start, and then going into a green wireframe tunnel, where at the end, a three-eyed cartoon face repeats the phrase "Då var det slut" (subtitled as "This intro was too loooong"), which is Swedish for "Then it was over."

Flashback serves as an unauthorized music video for Shpongle's track "Divine Moments of Truth" from the Are You Shpongled? album. While it is not clear whether or not the band endorses the work, they have made no attempt to have it removed from circulation even though the Shpongle Mask is also used in the video. The video is currently featured on Shpongle's MySpace profile.

At the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, the American psychedelic artist Alex Grey cited the Swedish artist Danny Gomez as one of his personal favorites and the open and official discussion after the lecture returned to the artist and his work several times.

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