Flatcat (band)

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Origin Belgium
Genres Punk rock
Pop punk
Skate punk
Alternative rock
Years active 1993–present

Flatcat is a Belgian DIY punk rock band. Founded by the Luyckx brothers in 1993 they have played numerous countries since then, including two Brazilian headlining tours reaching an average of 300-1500 people each concert.


  • Dieter 'minx' Meyns: guitar, vocals
  • Wim Luyckx: drums
  • Dirk Luyckx: guitar
  • Alexander Jonckheere: bass, backing vocals


  • Did two Brazilian tours in 2001 and 2002
  • Videoclip "Beautiful in Venice" aired on MTV Brazil in 2002
  • Flatcat is the first band ever to sell out the Magdalenazaal (1200 p.) in Bruges, their hometown
  • "Hear Tonight" Number 9 spot in "De Afrekening", Belgium's most respected alternative radio hitlist in 2004. Also included on the "De Afrekening vol. 33" chart compilation (Universal)
  • Videoclip "Wait and see" gets A-rotation on TMF (MTV Belgium) in 2004
  • Flatcat was on the lineup of French Alternative Festival "BetiZFest"
  • Flatcat sells a performance together with Nailpin for Tsunami 1212 on JIM TV and TMF in 2005
  • "Rockstar Fantasy (Break It)" in De Afrekening for no less than 13 weeks in 2005. Also included on the "De Afrekening vol. 38" chart compilation (Universal).



  • Demo Tape (1996, sold out)
  • Punkrock RIP Promo Tape (1999)



  • Better Luck Next Time (2002)
  • Hear Tonight (2004)
  • Wait And See (2004)
  • Rockstar Fantasy (Break It) (2005)
  • So This is When We Grow Up (2006)
  • My Heart is Bulletproof (2007)
  • The Great Escape (2011)
  • All Anchors are Lost (ft. Sean Dhondt) (2011)


  • Beautiful in Venice (2002)


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