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Flateyjardalur 2018

Flateyjardalur is a deserted coast by Skjálfandi bay on the Flateyjarskagi peninsula in northern Iceland. South from the coast is a valley, Flateyjardalsheiði, that stretches south to Fnjóskadalur valley. Flateyjardalur is named after the island of Flatey, which lies just off the shore. Finnboga saga ramma, one of the Icelandic sagas, takes place in the area. The last inhabitants left the coast in 1953. The same year a road was built from Fnjóskadalur to Flateyjardalur, connecting the coast to other parts of the region. There are three concrete houses, built in the late 1920s, which today are only inhabited seasonally, during summer. By the old farm Brettingsstaðir is a cemetery surrounding the foundation of the old church of Brettingsstaðir, which was dismantled and moved to Flatey after the valley had become deserted. Many tourists visit Flateyjardalur in the summer.

Location of Flateyjardalur

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Coordinates: 66°06.44′N 17°53.90′W / 66.10733°N 17.89833°W / 66.10733; -17.89833