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Developed by Prakash Topsy
Theme music composer Anggun
Opening theme Take Me There, sung by Anggun
Country of origin France
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Philippe Delarue
Aton Soumache
Original network France 3, Toon Disney (France)
Rai 2, Rai Gulp (Italy)
Antena 3, Disney Channel, Clan (Spain)
Original release 2004

Flatmania is an animated television program that airs in France (on France 3 and Disney Channel France), Canada (YTV and Radio-Canada) Germany (Nick), the U.S. (Animania) and in the United Kingdom (on POP). It is based on a visual style created by Anne-Caroline Pandolfo and Isabelle Simler. The series is about a real teen who gets transported in the Flatmania (a series of magazines) paper world.

Animation style[edit]

The animation style of Flatmania is very particular. Due to the heroes being paper flat, special effects were used so the paper people, when turning around or being seen aside, will be as flat as paper. This technique also implies paper transformations, which means that the heroes might be folded as origami.

The story[edit]

Vincent is a 13-year-old teen who buys the complete series of a magazine named Flatmania. The magazines look magical, and really are, because Vincent gets transported through a vortex and becomes as flat as a sheet of paper. While entering he meets Kyu, another teen from the magazine world. Now paper flat, Vincent must come back to the real world.

During each episode, Vincent and Kyu arrive on a new magazine and must find a rift that will send them to the next magazine.

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