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Flaunt's Logo
Launched 17 April 2003
Owned by CSC Media Group
Picture format 16:9, 576i (SDTV)
Audience share 0.2% (March 2008, [1])
Replaced by Chart Show Dance
Sister channel(s) Scuzz
Chart Show TV
The Vault
Website www.loveflaunt.com (no longer active)
Sky Channel 376
Eutelsat 28A 11642V 27500 2/3
Screenshot of Flaunt TV taken during the 2003 graphics
Screenshot of Flaunt TV taken during the 2006 graphics
Screenshot of Flaunt TV taken during the 2007 graphics
Screenshot of Flaunt TV taken during the 2008 graphics

Flaunt was a British electronic dance music TV channel owned and operated by CSC Media Group (formerly Chart Show Channels).


Originally owned by BSkyB in 2003 alongside The Amp & Scuzz, they were sold over to CSC Media Group in 2007.

During the 50/50 partnership with BSkyB and CSC Media, in 2006, they relaunched the channel as a LGBT oriented music channel playing a mix of disco and pop Music, however the LGBT theme was dropped later on during that year due to an unsuccessful attempt to bring in viewers.

Flaunt's sister channel The Amp was replaced by classic hits channel, Bliss. On Tuesday 6 May 2008, CSC Media launched a +1 timeshift channel called Flaunt +1. It was available 24 hours a day on Sky 367. However, after nearly 4 weeks on air, Flaunt +1 was replaced with Pop Girl +1 on 4 June 2008.

During March 2007, Flaunt was sold over to the CSC Media Group which then took full control of the channel along with its sister channels, CSC Media restyled and reformated Flaunt into an electronic music TV channel playing various types of dance music such as trance music, house music, electronica, ambient music and trip hop.

In May 2008, Flaunt was rebranded with a new look logo along with a new graphics set to capture its audience target more with a huge overhaul in the schedule and playlists.

Flaunt was available free to air 24 hours a day on Sky channel 376 and was part of a bouquet of music channels owned by CSC Media, including Bliss, Scuzz, Chart Show TV, The Vault, Flava and NME TV.

Flaunt was encrypted in NDS from its launch until December 2006 then after when it was removed from the Sky Music Package it went free to air meaning that it could have been viewed with any free to air satellite receiver along with being available on Sky, Freesat and broadcasting on the Eutelsat 28A communications satellite.

Dance Nation TV[edit]

Main article: Chart Show Dance
The original Flaunt logo (2003–2004)
The second Flaunt logo (2004–2006)
The third Flaunt logo (2006–2008)

Former programming[edit]

  • Flaunt Anthems
  • Party Hard
  • Get Up Flaunt It!
  • Flaunt Classics
  • 100% Dance
  • Non Stop Party!
  • Total Trance
  • Nothing But...
  • Weekender
  • Flaunt Lounge
  • Flaunt Party

Ofcom licences mix-up/Flava TV channel[edit]

The problems started on Monday 18 February 2008, when the currently named "Flava" Ofcom Licence was renamed from its original name of Flaunt to Flava. This caused a major uproar about the fact that Flaunt, a 24/7 dance channel would be closed, in favour of Flava (a 24/7 Urban/R&B music channel, similar to Kiss and B4). This, however turned out to be an error on Ofcom's part and they accidentally changed Flaunt, when they were meant to change the B4 one. But, on the following Monday, Ofcom corrected the problem by removing the B4 licence, keeping the newly renamed Flava licence and adding a new Flaunt licence.

Virgin Media removal[edit]

On 6 November 2007, Flaunt along with Bliss and Scuzz, were removed from Virgin Media's ex-NTL platform as a deal with Chart Show Channels could not be made to make the channels available to their ex-Telewest platform.


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