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Flavius Eparchius Philagrius (c. 338 - aft. 382) was a Roman politician and religious figure.

He was the son of Flavius Philagrius and wife. He served as a notarius between 361 and 363 and rose to comes Orientis in 382, after which he became bishop of Cyprus.

He married Egnatia Avita Severa, born c. 355, daughter of Quintus Flavius Egnatius Placidus Severus and wife Antonia Marcianilla, and had three sons: Eparchius, born c. 360, vir nobilis in Tullum Leucorum, Gallia, who married and was the father of Lupus of Troyes and Vincentius, a Priest and bishop of Mediolanum Santonum, Gallia Aquitania; Flavius Julius Agricola; and Lysticius, born c. 375.[1]


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