Flavius Josephus Carpenter

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Flavius Josephus Carpenter
Born March 24, 1851
Franklin County, Georgia
Died August 2, 1933
Arkadelphia, Clark County, Arkansas,
Nationality American
Occupation Businessman, US Marshal, Steamboat Captain, American Civil War Veteran
Postcard view of Carpenter Dam, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, ca. 1940s

Flavius Josephus Carpenter, born March 24, 1851 in Franklin County, Georgia, died August 2, 1933, at home in Arkadelphia, Clark County, Arkansas, was an American Civil War veteran, steamboat captain, U.S. Marshal, and entrepreneurial businessman.[1]

He selected sites for two Arkansas Power & Light (now Entergy Arkansas, a subsidiary of Entergy) dams on the upper Ouachita River: Remmel Dam, which created Lake Catherine, and Carpenter Dam[2]), which created Lake Hamilton in 1931. Carpenter Dam was named for him.[3] Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine in Hot Spring County, Arkansas now sit upstream and downstream of Carpenter Dam.

Early life[edit]

He married on June 2, 1877 in Clark County, Arkansas, to Jane Elizabeth Wallis, who was born in August 1857 in Missouri; they were the parents of eight children.


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