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Bambermycins (Flavomycin) is a complex of antibiotics obtained from Streptomyces bambergiensis used as a food additive for poultry and swine.[1] The complex consists mainly of moenomycins A and C.[2]

Flavomycin (bambermycins) is a performance enhancing antibiotic intended and available solely for use in animal nutrition. Its mechanism of action is to inhibit the synthesis of the bacterial wall. Flavomycin is predominately effective against gram-positive pathogenic bacteria. However, it does not have significant action against Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and other protective bacteria.[3]

Flavomycin has no precautions or warnings to humans on its label pertaining to mixing and handling and is non-hazardous when used according to label directions


Synonyms include flavofosfolipol / flavophospholipol, moenomycin, and the brand name Gainpro.[2]

Withdrawal Period

Flavomycin has no withdrawal requirement. Flavomycin is not absorbed by the intestine and no measurable residues are found in edible tissues even when fed at up to 50 times the normal recommended dosage. [3]


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