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Flax Pond is a tidal estuary located in Old Field, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. As a 146-acre (0.59 km2) salt marsh, Flax Pond is a natural site of great biodiversity and natural beauty.[1] Flax Pond is owned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and is accessed by researchers at Stony Brook University as a Marine Lab for the state [2]

In addition to research, Flax Pond also serves as a recreational beach for Long Islanders, though its location prevents many from utilizing the facility, which has served as a point of contention.[citation needed]

In recent years, the management of Flax Pond has become a very important issue. The environmentally conscious group Friends of Flax Pond has used the facility to educate those in the community through lectures, workshops, and science programs.[citation needed] However, the NYSDEC has sought to make the Pond more accessible to residents, thus risking the environmentally pristine nature of the Pond.[3]

State Assemblyman Steven Englebright, who has roots in geology,[citation needed] (what about ecology?) has repeatedly stressed the importance of Flax Pond as an environmental sanctuary. He has funded projects for Flax Pond, such as their summer learning institute [4] and has held lectures to promote these ideals.[5]


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