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Flechette is an independent film and television production company operating from Glasgow, Scotland, and Dublin, Ireland. The company has had a close association with filmmaker Garfield Kennedy (who produced and directed the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award winning 9/11 documentary, NOVA: Why the Towers Fell, for PBS broadcaster WGBH Boston). Flechette has co-production links with Texas-based producers, Raygun Films Inc., and is developing theatrical films in Europe and North America.

Flechette has produced a series of fictional films including the BAFTA-nominated short, Bye-Child (written and directed by Bernard MacLaverty, and based on the poem of the same title by Seamus Heaney). Bye-Child and documentary, The Grandparents (directed by Ioana Joca), have been nominated for 3 BAFTA Scotland Awards and MacLaverty won Best First Time Director prize. In 2005, Flechette produced a fictional film for children, Winning Streak, which featured television racing pundit, John McCririck, playing as himself.

The company also has had a close association with various extreme balloon flights - principally involving Sir Richard Branson and aeronautical designer and adventurer, Per Lindstrand. In 1999, the company shot the world's first circumnavigation of the world by balloon when Swiss psychiatrist, Bertrand Piccard, and English balloon pilot, Brian Jones, flew their Breitling Orbiter 3 Rozière balloon over the Mauritanian coast completing the flight in 19 days, 21 hours, and 55 minutes.

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