Fledborough railway station

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Fledborough station (remains) geograph-3520199-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg
Remains of the station in 1995
Area Nottinghamshire
Grid reference SK 797 711
Original company LD&ECR
Pre-grouping Great Central Railway
Post-grouping LNER
British Railways
Platforms 2
March 1897 Opened
19 September 1955 Closed[1]
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Fledborough railway station is a former railway station south west of Fledborough, Nottinghamshire, England.


The station was opened by the LD&ECR in March 1897 and closed by British Railways in 1955. The station and the stationmaster's house were built in the company's standard style,[2] as shown in the "External Links" below.

From Tuxford the line fell gently past Marnham, where in 1960, High Marnham Power Station was built. The junction to the power station was about 500 yards west of Fledborough Station, which was, in turn, just before the line crossed the River Trent by means of the Fledborough Viaduct.[3]

Former Services[edit]

There never was a Sunday service at Fledborough.

In 1922 3 trains per day plied between Chesterfield Market Place and Lincoln with a market day extra on Fridays between Langwith Junction and Lincoln. All these trains called at Fledborough.[4]

From 1951 trains stopped running through to Chesterfield, turning back at Langwith Junction instead. Otherwise the same pattern continued until the last train on 17 September 1955.

Trains continued to pass, including Summer excursions[5] which continued until 1964, but the picture was of progressive decline. A derailment east of Fledborough Viaduct on 21 February 1980[6] led to the immediate closure of the line from High Marnham Power Station through Fledborough to Pyewipe Junction. These tracks were subsequently lifted.

Modern Times[edit]

Today the trackbed eastwards from the site of Fledborough Station, across Fledborough Viaduct, through Clifton to Doddington & Harby forms an off-road part of National Cycle Route 647 which is part of the National Cycle Network.

From Harby onwards through the site of Skellingthorpe almost to Pyewipe Junction the trackbed forms an off-road part of National Cycle Route 64.[7][8]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Dukeries Junction
Line and station closed
  Great Central Railway
Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway
Line and station closed



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