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Fleet Buzz
Fleet Buzz 54 MX58KZC.jpg
Optare Versa in Reading in April 2011
DefunctDecember 2014
Service areaBerkshire
Service typeBus services
Routes11 (October 2013)
Fleet33 (September 2013)
Countrywide Plaxton Panther bodied Volvo B12B in Surrey in October 2009

Fleet Buzz[1] was a bus company based in Crondall, Hampshire, England. It was a subsidiary of Stagecoach.


Countywide Travel was formed in 1995 as a coach and bus company, based on vehicles from Marchwood Motorways and a depot was established in Basingstoke. In 1998 the depot relocated to the site formerly used by Oakley Coaches in Oakley, Hampshire. Countywide took over many of the routes from Tillingbourne Bus Company when it ceased trading in 2001. On 1 October 2007 the coach business was sold to Weavaway Travel and the bus operation moved to Crondall.[2] Around this time, the bus company was renamed Fleet Buzz due to their large presence at Fleet, Hampshire.

In 2008/09 the company upgraded its fleet with the purchase of four new Optare Solos and four Optare Versas. The buses were painted in a livery of yellow (lower body) and black (upper body).

In December 2011 the business was sold to Stagecoach with 22 buses and 29 staff. It was run as a division of Stagecoach South.[2]

In September 2012 Surrey County Council's bus review phase 3 saw the historic route 92 renumbered to 72 to fit with routes 70 and 71.[3]

On 31 December 2014, three years after the Stagecoach takeover, the website was updated to announce the end of the Fleet Buzz name with operations being fully integrated into Stagecoach South from the date of some major network changes on Monday 5 January 2015.[4]


As at September 2013 the fleet consisted of 33 buses.[5]

Mercedes Varios used to form the backbone of the fleet, but were eventually phased out by other Stagecoach-branded buses due to their step entrances.

Four Optare Versas, with branding for routes 72 and 82, two Caetano Nimbuses and four Optare Solos (for the majority of the routes) were purchased in 2008/9 as part of a fleet upgrade. Four Mini Pointer Darts and three Alexander ALX200s – one of which in plain white – were also bought upon Stagecoach's purchase of the bus company.


Before services ended in 2015, Fleet Buzz operated 11 bus routes: numbers 11, 30, 31, 41, 42, 72, 77, 80, 82, 83 and 145.[6]

The company's regular routes operated were as follows:

Number From To Via Monday-Friday Frequency Saturday Frequency Sunday Frequency Refs.
11 Farnborough Paddock Hill Camberley Hourly Hourly No service [7]
30 Farnborough Basingstoke Cove, Fleet, Church Crookham, Odiham, Hook Hourly through to Basingstoke (every 30 mins Farnborough-Church Crookham) Hourly through to Basingstoke (every 30 mins Farnborough-Church Crookham) No service [8]
31 Farnborough Frimley Park Hospital Frimley High Street Hourly 3 journeys (1 extended to The Meadows) No service [9]
41 Farnborough Ash North Camp Hourly No service No service [10]
42 Farnborough Southwood Cove Hourly Hourly No service
72 Aldershot Reading Swallowfield, Hartley Wintney, Fleet Hourly (every 30 mins between Reading-Swallowfield) Hourly No service [11]
77 Fleet Station Fleet Station Circular service. Fleet town service Hourly No service No service [12]
77A Fleet Station Fleet Station Circular service. Variation to route 77 Hourly No service No service [13]
82 Farnborough Yateley Hawley Hourly (2 journeys extended to Reading) 2 journeys No service [14][15]
145 Three Mile Cross Wokingham Eversley 1 journey (Tuesday only) No service No service [16]

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