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Fleetwood is an Anglo-Swedish Baronial family, number 49 on the Swedish Riddarhuset. The family is descended from Lancashire in England. The oldest member known by name is William Fleetwood, mentioned 1320, however, documented information about the family starts in the 16th century.[1]

Thomas Fleetwood[edit]

Thomas Fleetwood (1518-1570) originated from Heskin, Lancashire and purchased the manor of the Vache in Chalfont, Buckinghamshire in 1564. He was a member of parliament and a judge, and Master of the Royal Mint under King Henry VIII.[1] He was granted the family's arms on 4 July 1548,[1] which is still used by the family.

George Fleetwood, regicide and Cromwellian lord[edit]

The Vache was inherited by Sir George Fleetwood who died December 1620. It passed to his son Charles Fleetwood (died 1628) the father of George Fleetwood, who inherited the estate on the death of his father.[2] George fought for Parliament during the English Civil War, and was one of the commissioners for trial of Charles I. He held various offices during the Interregnum, including a seat in Cromwell's House of Lords but after the Restoration was found guilty of regicide and although he was spared execution, his estate of The Vache confiscated and given to the Duke of York. After serving a number of years in prison he may have emigrated to America.[3]

Charles Fleetwood the parliamentary general[edit]

Another grandson of Thomas Fleetwood, Sir Miles Fleetwood (1576–1640) of Aldwinckle in Northants was a knight and a member of parliament.

The third son of Sir Miles was Charles Fleetwood (c. 1618–1692), was a Parliamentary soldier and politician, Lord Deputy of Ireland from 1652–55, where he enforced the Cromwellian Settlement. At the Restoration he was included in the Act of Indemnity as among the twenty liable to penalties other than capital, and was finally incapacitated from holding any office of trust. His public career then closed, though he survived until 4 October 1692. He was buried in Bunhill Fields.

George Fleetwood a Swedish general and baron[edit]

Another son of Sir Miles, Sir George Fleetwood (baptised 30 June 1605 in Cople, Bedfordshire, died 11 June 1667 in Jälunda, Gryt, Södermanland, Sweden) came into Swedish service in 1629, became colonel for a regiment he had recruited himself in England in 1630 and finally lieutenant-general. He was knighted 3 June 1632 by the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf and created Swedish Baron 1 June 1654 at Uppsala Castle by Queen Christina of Sweden,[4] and was introduced at Riddarhuset as a Swedish Baron 19 June 1654 as Baronial family N:o 49.

Swedish baronial family[edit]

Descendents of George Fleetwood the Swedish general and baron include the former member of the Swedish parliament, Riksdagen Elisabeth Fleetwood and William Fleetwood, painter.

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