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Fleischer (or Fleisher) is a common German and Yiddish family name. Its literal meaning is "butcher". Other German family names with the same meaning include Metzger, Mezger, Fleischman, and Fleischmann.


  • Ari Fleischer (born 1960), White House Press Secretary from 2001 to 2003
  • Bruce Fleisher (born 1948), American PGA golfer
  • Carl Gustav Fleischer, Norwegian general and the first land commander to win a major victory against the Germans in World War II
  • Charles Fleischer (born 1950), actor, stand-up comedian and voice artist
  • Charles Fleischer (born 1871), rabbi from Boston (see Wikisource-logo.svg Rines, George Edwin, ed. (1920). "Fleischer, Charles" . Encyclopedia Americana.)
  • Dave Fleischer, American animation film director and film producer
  • Heinrich Leberecht Fleischer
  • Lawrence Fleisher, American attorney and sports agent
  • Leon Fleisher, American pianist and conductor
  • Martin Fleisher, American bridge player
  • Max Fleischer (architect) (1841–1905), Austrian architect
  • Max Fleischer (painter) (1861–1930), German painter and botanist
  • Max Fleischer (author) (1880–1941), German-Austrian jurist and author
  • Max Fleischer (animator) (1883–1972), American animator and film director
  • Michael Paul Fleischer, New Jersey businessman
  • Michael Fleischer (mineralogist) (1908–1998), American chemist and mineralogist.
  • Michael Fleisher, American writer
  • Nat Fleischer, American boxing writer and collector
  • Rasmus Fleischer
  • Ruben Fleischer, American film director
  • Richard Fleischer (1916-2006), American film director
  • Yishai Fleisher


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