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Type Meat pie
Place of origin Russia

Fleischkuekle (also Fleischkuechle, from Alemannic/Franconian "Fleischküchle") is a type of meat pie made with dough, similar to a Cornish pasty, or Russian Chiburekki. The dish is traditional Volga Deutsche/Germans from Russia recipe, and through immigration became an addition to the Cuisine of North Dakota. This dish is also popular among the many Russian-German immigrant families of North Dakota.

The dish is particularly common at main-street diners,[1] especially in Mercer County,[2][3] and on menus at fraternal organizations around the state.[4]

Fleischkuekle is typically served hot from a deep fryer. Hot oil may pool inside when the breading is incompletely sealed, making it a sensible precaution to poke and drain any excess before eating.

In Mercer County, diners typically provide pickles and ketchup on the side. The dish is served with gravy in Fargo. A slice of cheese on top is not an uncommon request.[citation needed]

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