Flemish Quality Management Center

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Flemish Quality Management Center
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Founded September 28, 1985; 32 years ago (1985-09-28)
Coordinates 51°13′18″N 4°24′25″E / 51.2216°N 4.4070°E / 51.2216; 4.4070Coordinates: 51°13′18″N 4°24′25″E / 51.2216°N 4.4070°E / 51.2216; 4.4070
Website www.kwinta.be

The Flemish Quality Management Center (Dutch: Vlaams Centrum voor Kwaliteitszorg) (VCK) is a Flemish non-profit organization, which was founded on 28 September 1985. The organization wants to inspire and support Flemish companies to work and develop their capabilities in a competitive and efficient way, and inspired by the principles of total quality management (TQM). The aim of the organization is to achieve generalized knowledge and use of good management practices, innovation and quality awareness.

The company also administers the Kwinta Excellence Award which is the national quality award of Belgium.[1]

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