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Flentrop is a Dutch company based in Zaandam that builds and restores organs.


It was established in 1903 by Hendrik Wicher Flentrop[1] (1866 -1950) from Koog aan de Zaan. Hendrik, originally a house painter by trade, was an organist at the church at Zaandam, and started a piano - and organ trade. He believed that old organs could not be adapted to contemporary tastes, but had valid sound nonetheless. In 1915, after experience had been gained with restoration and extension of organs, the first new organ was built. Beginning in 1922 he had made correspondences with Albert Schweitzer, which resulted in pronounced opinions concerning the demands which had to be made on the organ.

Dirk Andries Flentrop (1910-2003), son of Hendrik and Christina Anna Dekker, took control of the company in 1940. Important organs, such as that of Hans van Covelen in the large church at Alkmaar, and the Schnitger organs in the large church at Zwolle and the Laurenskerk in Alkmaar, were restored. In addition he built numerous instruments in the United States (most notably those in Adolphus Busch Hall at Harvard University, and in St. Mark's Cathedral, in Seattle, Washington), and restored two in Mexico City.

J. A. Steketee (b. 1936) led the company from 1976 to 1998. Under his direction, the organ of Johannes Duyschot in the Westzijderkerk at Zaandam was restored. Tasks were also carried out in foreign countries: Taipei, Riga, Tokyo, Dunblane, Kazan, and Yerevan. Additionally, the organ of the Holy Name Cathedral was built in Chicago, and in the Netherlands the organs of the Westerkerk and the Concertgebouw, and the St. John's Cathedral, were restored.

As of 1998 Cees van Oostenbrugge has controlled the company. Another restoration was carried out of the Hans van Covelen organ, which is the oldest playable organ of the Netherlands, originally built in 1511.

All controlling members have been simultaneously organists in several churches.

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