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Type of site
Available in English
Owner Fleshbot LLC
Website Fleshbot
Alexa rank Negative increase 28,425 (April 2014)[1]
Launched 2003

Fleshbot is a sex-oriented weblog, founded by Gawker Media. It was launched in November 2003 as the third online title from Gawker. The range of subject matter includes everything from amateur sex blogs and thumbnail gallery posts to news about sex in popular culture and advertising. The blog covers both heterosexual and homosexual erotica[2] and users have the ability to filter between the two if they choose.

Fleshbot was previously edited by Lux Alptraum (formerly Lux Nightmare), who has been put forth as the owner of Fleshbot since 2012.[3] Until Fleshbot's sale to SK Intertainment, a simple whois check demonstrated that Nick Denton's Blogwire was the holder of Fleshbot's domain name.[4]

In February 2014, Fleshbot was purchased by SK Intertainment from Lux Alptraum. Alptraum will remain with Fleshbot as a contributing editor, but will also offer consulting services to other adult entertainment organizations.[5]

Fleshbot appears on the ACMA Blacklist (see Internet censorship in Australia) that was released via Wikileaks on March 20, 2009.[6]


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