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Skin fleshwounds.jpg
Studio album by Skin
Released 9 September 2003
Recorded 2002–2003
Genre Indie rock, alternative rock, trip hop, electronica
Length 43:56
Label EMI
Producer Skin, David Kosten, Marius De Vries, Flo, Guy Chambers, Richard Flack, Adrian Bushby
Skin chronology
Post Orgasmic Chill
Fake Chemical State
Original cover
Original cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Fleshwounds is the debut album from Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin. Not entirely satisfied with its initial release, Skin re-released it with new album artwork and a slightly different track listing. "As Long As That's True" was replaced with "Getting Away With It", a cover of Electronic's version. The radio edit to "Faithfulness" was also added.

Three singles were released from this album, which are "Trashed", "Faithfulness" and a double A-Side with "Lost" and "Getting Away With It".

Track listing[edit]

Original release[edit]

  1. "Faithfulness" (Skin & Len Arran)
  2. "Trashed" (Skin & Len Arran)
  3. "Don't Let Me Down" (Skin & Len Arran)
  4. "Listen to Yourself" (Skin & Len Arran)
  5. "Lost" (Skin & Guy Chambers)
  6. "The Trouble With Me" (Skin & Len Arran)
  7. "I'll Try" (Skin & Craig Ross)
  8. "You've Made Your Bed" (Skin & Len Arran)
  9. "As Long as That's True" (Skin & Len Arran)
  10. "Burnt Like You" (Skin & Len Arran)
  11. "'Til Morning" (Skin & Len Arran)


  1. "Faithfulness"
  2. "Trashed"
  3. "Don't Let Me Down"
  4. "Listen To Yourself"
  5. "Lost"
  6. "The Trouble With Me"
  7. "Getting Away With It" (Electronic's cover)
  8. "You've Made Your Bed"
  9. "I'll Try"
  10. "Burnt Like You"
  11. "'Til Morning Comes"
  12. "Faithfulness" (Radio Mix)


Three singles were released from Fleshwounds.


  1. "Trashed" (Skin & Len Arran)
  2. "On & On" (Skin & Len Arran)
  3. "Interview"


  1. "Faithfulness" (Radio Mix) (Skin & Len Arran)
  2. "Faithfulness" (Scumfrog Mix) (Skin & Len Arran)

Lost/Getting Away With It[edit]

A video was shot and released before the single was pulled

  1. "Lost"
  2. "Getting Away With It"