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Fletch may refer to:

  • Fletch (archery), the individual materials, such as feathers, that provide aerodynamic stabilization in arrows or darts
  • Andy Fletcher (musician), nicknamed "Fletch", a member of the band Depeche Mode
  • Fletch (novel), the first book in a series of books by Gregory Mcdonald featuring the character Irwin Maurice Fletcher
    • Fletch (film), a 1985 comedy starring Chevy Chase, based on the novel
  • Fletch (Hollyoaks), a fictional character from British soap opera Hollyoaks
  • Norman Stanley Fletcher, nicknamed "Fletch", the lead character in the British sit-com Porridge
  • Fletch & Vaughan, the weekday drive show of New Zealand's The Edge radio station with co-host Carl "Fletch" Fletcher
  • A nickname given to a person whose surname is Fletcher.

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