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Fleurs des lettres (Chinese: 字花 Pinyin: Zi Hua) is a Chinese bi-monthly youth literature magazine. It is supported by The Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


Launched in April 2006, Fleurs des Lettres is now one of the most widely appealing literature magazines in Hong Kong.

The mission of the magazine was set at the beginning as 'rooting local, exploring the world'.[1] It aimed to cast away from the rigid form of local literature magazines to show how youthful, vivid and diversified a literature magazine could be.[2] It has created an unconventional literature aura and gained appreciation from readers.[3] The founding editors of Fleurs des lettres were some of Hong Kong's most prominent young writers, including Dorothy Tse, Tang Siu-wa and Hon Lai-chu.[4]

Fleurs des Lettres has acted as a bridge to literature, graphic arts, performance and social culture, in order to enhance their inter-connectivity. Through this new power, literature can filter into daily life and at the same time, emerge as a new force of Hong Kong literary world.

Fleurs des Lettres is not bound by the creation and criticism of traditional form. It invites people with various backgrounds, including writers, visual artists, cultural critics, scholars and the public, to take part in the magazine.

Fleurs des Lettres arrived in Taiwan in November 2007[5] and has influenced local literary circles in Taiwan.


In order to enhance the enthusiasm of youth for literary writing in Chinese, Fleurs des Lettres has co-designed and co-organized the 'Get It Write!' education programme with The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation.[6] The programme emphasizes the participation of students in class, through a series of writing activities incorporating photography, drama and community-based research.

Fleurs des Lettres and The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation have also co-organized a Writing Education Workshop which provides comprehensive training for young writers who are dedicated to inspiring students to practise writing as a creative channel.


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