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Flex Your Head
2010 remastered LP edition cover
Front cover since 2010.
Compilation album by various artists
Released January 1982
Recorded April 1980 – December 1981
Studio Inner Ear
Hit & Run
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 41:49
Language English
Label Dischord
Producer Skip Groff
Chris Haskett
Ian MacKaye
Bert Queiroz
Lyle Preslar
Early cover art
First pressing cover.
First pressing cover.
Second pressing cover.
Second pressing cover.
1985 reissue cover.
1985 reissue cover.
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]

Flex Your Head is a sampler album featuring early hardcore punk bands from the Washington, D.C. area.[1] It was originally released in January 1982 on Dischord Records,[nb 1] with a pressing of 4,000 copies on vinyl record that sold out within one week;[2] so additional 3,000 copies were released shortly after. Still in 1982, a third pressing of 2,000 copies was released under license in the United Kingdom by Alternative Tentacles.[nb 2][3] Each of this first three pressings featured a different front cover.


The compilation takes it title from the Minor Threat lyric shouted in the song "12XU", included on the album, originally by the English band Wire.

Dischord assembled Flex Your Head as a way to record the many punk bands that had started up, and sometimes also ceased, in the previous years in the D.C. area. The album served as either a debut or sophomore release for every band on it[1] except Minor Threat, for whom it was their third.

At the time of the album's release not only had most of the bands on it already have broken up, but many had gone on to start other bands, some of those bands also appear on the album. The Teen Idles had broken up in late 1980 and by the time of the release of Flex Your Head members had already started Minor Threat and Youth Brigade. The Untouchables broke up in 1981 and with the former members joining a multitude of bands including The Faith, The Warmers, Rites of Spring, One Last Wish, Skewbald, Happy Go Licky, Youth Brigade, and The Meatmen. State of Alert had also folded in early 1981 as singer Henry Garfield had joined Black Flag. Minor Threat had disbanded (although they would reunite a few months after the album's release) and since then Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson had founded Skewbald while Lyle Preslar joined an early version of Big Black. Youth Brigade and Red C both existed solely during 1981, and both Artificial Peace and Deadline would break up within a few months of the release of Flex Your Head, aside from Youth Brigade these band's only recorded output is on the compilation, though from those bands would come the longer lasting Beefeater, Marginal Man and Fugazi. Only Government Issue and Iron Cross would survive past the next year.

The songs "12XU" and "Steppin' Stone" were extremely popular covers in the D.C. punk scene. "Steppin' Stone", which was performed by State of Alert on this album, was also covered by Minor Threat on their second EP In My Eyes, while the song "12XU" was so commonly covered that several shows would have multiple bands playing their renditions.


Flex Your Head was recorded between April 1980 and December 1981.[1] The Teen Idles, Untouchables,[4] and Red C songs were recorded at Hit and Run Studios with engineer Steve Carr, Iron Cross' tracks were recorded at C.A.B. Studios with engineer Tom Scott, while all the other songs were recorded at Inner Ear Studios with engineer Don Zientara.[5]

Cover art[edit]

While the back cover of Flex Your Head has remained almost the same, its front cover has changed throughout the years.[5] When the album was first released, featured a stock photography of a painting of a violin, roses, and sheet music. The second pressing, released almost immediately, came with a stock image of stalks of wheat. A third early cover, designed by Jeff Nelson and used for the British pressing of the album, displayed a black and white version of the flag of Washington, D.C. with the stars replaced by Xs. Later, in 1985, the record was re-released with a new cover featuring a blurry photo of a man in a hat, which was used until 2008. The most recent version, a variation in red and white of the D.C. flag cover from 1982, came in 2010 on a remastered LP re-release.[5][6]

The CD editions of the album came with all versions of the front cover to be used interchangeably.

Critical reception[edit]

Justin M. Norton, contributor at the online magazine Stereogum, was of the view that:

"[Flex Your Head is] a Rosetta Stone not just for the DC scene but all of American hardcore ... Almost every niche of DC hardcore –- and a young performance from almost every crucial DC performer -- is covered in this must-own collection ... In addition to Bad Brains' debut, this is the jumping-off point for everything that followed..."[7]


Flex Your Head was re-released on CD in August 1993.

A remastered CD version was released in 2002.

Track listing[edit]

Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Contributing artist Length
1. "I Drink Milk" Ian MacKaye; The Teen Idles The Teen Idles 1:07
2. "Commie Song" I. MacKaye; The Teen Idles The Teen Idles 0:59
3. "No Fun" (originally performed by The Stooges) Iggy Pop; Dave Alexander; Ron Asheton; Scott Asheton The Teen Idles 2:25
4. "Rat Patrol" Alec MacKaye Untouchables 0:59
5. "Nic Fit" A. MacKaye Untouchables 1:01
6. "I Hate You" A. MacKaye Untouchables 1:24
7. "I Hate the Kids" Lyle Preslar; Henry Garfield State of Alert 0:39
8. "Disease" (originally performed by UK Subs) Nicky Garratt; Charlie Harper State of Alert 0:27
9. "Steppin' Stone" (known by Paul Revere & the Raiders and The Monkees) Tommy Boyce; Bobby Hart State of Alert 1:56
10. "Stand Up" I. MacKaye Minor Threat 0:52
11. "12XU" (originally performed by Wire) Bruce Gilbert; Graham Lewis; Colin Newman; Robert Gotobed Minor Threat 1:09
12. "Hey, Ronnie" Brian Gay Government Issue 1:08
13. "Lie, Cheat, and Steal" John Stabb Schroeder Government Issue 0:52
14. "Moral Majority" Nathan Strejcek Youth Brigade 1:06
15. "Waste of Time" Bert Queiroz; Tom Clinton Youth Brigade 0:51
16. "Last Word" Strejcek; Queiroz Youth Brigade 1:23
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Contributing artist Length
1. "Jimi 45" Eric Lagdameo; Peter Murray; Toni Young Red C 1:19
2. "Pressure's On" Murray Red C 1:40
3. "6 O'Clock News" Lagdameo; Murray Red C 2:03
4. "Assassin" Lagdameo; Murray; Young Red C 0:56
5. "Dehumanized" John Weiffenbach Void 1:15
6. "Authority" Weiffenbach; Bubba Dupree Void 0:48
7. "My Rules" Sean Finnegan Void 0:59
8. "War Games" Wendel Blow Iron Cross 1:22
9. "New Breed" Sab Grey; Dante Ferrando Iron Cross 1:21
10. "Live for Now" Ferrando Iron Cross 2:13
11. "Artificial Peace" Steve Polcari Artificial Peace 1:38
12. "Outside Looking In" Polcari; Rob Moss Artificial Peace 0:58
13. "Wasteland" Polcari Artificial Peace 2:02
14. "Stolen Youth" Ray Hare; Brendan Canty Deadline 1:43
15. "Hear the Cry" Canty Deadline 1:02
16. "Aftermath" Hare; Canty Deadline 2:12
Total length: 41:49



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