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Flexipop magazine was famous for the re-emergence of the flexible music disc in the UK during the 1980s. Launched in 1980 by ex-Record Mirror journalists Barry Cain and Tim Lott, the magazine featured a flexidisc in each issue. The magazine lasted for two years. One of the most notable issues was the February 1981 disc featuring Adam and the Ants performing a version of the Village People hit "Y.M.C.A.", called "A.N.T.S.".

The magazine has maintained a memorable reputation among music collectors because of the flexidisc and the revival of interest in 1980s pop[citation needed].

Huw Collingbourne, a contributing writer to Flexipop, gave an interview to Stylus magazine about the publication in which he said, "Other music mags may have dabbled in flexis, but Flexipop! made a career of it. We had singles by the top bands of the day—everyone from The Jam to Depeche Mode. A really good flexi would make the magazine fly off the newsstands."[1]


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