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Bombardier Flexity 2 (Blackpool)
Flexity 2 (Blackpool) tram at Tower tram stop.jpg
Flexity 2 tram, No. 011, at Tower tram stop
Flexity 2 tram interior.JPG
ManufacturerBombardier Transportation
Built atBautzen, Germany and Vienna, Austria
Family nameFlexity 2
Entered serviceApril 2012
Number built18
Number in service18
Formation5 body sections per tram
Fleet numbers001–018
Capacity74 seats + 148 standing spaces
Operator(s)Blackpool Transport
Depot(s)Starr Gate
Line(s) servedBlackpool–Fleetwood
Car body constructionSteel side panels/Aluminium
Car length32.23 m (105 ft 8 78 in)
Width2.65 m (8 ft 8 38 in)
Height3.42 m (11 ft 2 58 in)
Floor height320 mm (12.60 in)
Doors2x double width and 2x single width, each side
Articulated sections5
Maximum speed43.5 mph (70 km/h)
Weight40.9 t (40.3 long tons; 45.1 short tons) per tram
Traction systemFour 120 kW (160 hp) three phase AC traction motors
Acceleration0.5 m/s2 (1.1 mph per second; 1.8 km/h per second)
Deceleration1.2 m/s2 (2.73 emergency) (2.7 mph per second; 6.1 mph per second emergency)
Electric system(s)600 V DC Overhead
Current collection methodPantograph
BogiesFLEXX Urban 3000
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

In 2012, Blackpool Council ordered 16 Bombardier Flexity 2 trams for the Blackpool tramway, becoming the worldwide launch customer for Bombardier Transportation's new design.[2] The modern 100% low-floor trams replaced the Blackpool tramway's tourist-focused and high maintenance heritage fleet, some of which have been retained with modifications for use as a supplementary fleet alongside the Flexity 2 trams and some for tourist services on the promenade.[2] Blackpool's Flexity 2 trams are intended to be suitable for daily commuters and to provide a service competitive with other modes of transport and comply with legislation on accessibility for disabled users.[2][3]

Two further Flexity 2 units arrived on 1 and 15 December 2017, and both entered service on 4 March 2018.[4][5][6]


Blackpool Council placed the £33m order for the 16 Flexity 2 trams in July 2009, with funding from the council, Department for Transport and Lancashire County Council.[7][8] The worldwide launch of the Flexity 2 family took place with the unveiling of the first Blackpool tram on 8 September 2011.[3] They entered service on 4 April 2012.[2]


The Blackpool Flexity 2 trams are bi-directional five-section articulated tramcars.[8] There are four doors on each side, two single doors next to the driver cabs in the first and fifth cars and two double doors in the centre of the second and fourth cars. They can accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs,[3] with level boarding from low platforms which were built at stops ready for the introduction of the trams.[2]

The trams have two powered FLEXX Urban 3000 bogies[8] in the centre of the first and fifth cars and an unpowered set in the centre car. The trams use a 600 V overhead DC power supply, can negotiate a minimum curve radius of 25 m in service or 20 m at Starr Gate Depot and can tackle a maximum gradient of 6%.


The final livery unveiled at the launch consists of white sides with black window surrounds and purple cabs, with a purple criss-cross pattern extending along the lower side panels.


The Flexity 2 cars are maintained at a depot at Starr Gate which was purpose built by VolkerFitzpatrick,[9] with input based on experience with tram depots elsewhere in Europe.[2]


Photo Number Notes
Blackpool Transport 001 (9124470029).jpg 001
Blackpool Transport 002 (Alderman E.E. Wynne) (9125326011).jpg 002

Named Alderman E.E Wynne.[10]

Blackpool Transport 003 (9126084712).jpg 003 Collided with a cyclist on 8 July 2013.[11] Has all-over advert livery for PrettyLittleThing.[12]
BLACKPOOL TRAMWAY JULY 2012 (7581266382).jpg 004
Blackpool Transport 005 (9124814947).jpg 005
Blackpool Transport 006 (9124488803).jpg 006

Ran the first journey with passengers on the first day of operations on 4 April 2012 but derailed in Fleetwood on the first journey back to Starr Gate.[13]

007 Damaged en route to Blackpool; subsequently involved in a collision with a car on 11 June 2013.[14] Named Alan Whitbread.[15]
Blackpool Transport 008 (9127262718).jpg 008
Blackpool Transport 010 (9128310278).jpg 010
Flexity 2 Tram No. 011 at Burlington Road West tram stop (4).JPG 011
Blackpool tramway tram 012.jpg 012
Blackpool Transport 013 (9125064147).jpg 013
Flexity 2 Tram No. 014 at Burlington Road West tram stop (1).jpg 014 Involved in a collision with a Volkswagen Polo on 22 May 2012;[16] returned to service on 26 May 2012.[17]
Blackpool Transport 015 (9128328742).jpg 015
Blackpool Transport 016 (9125726537).jpg 016 Has all-over advert livery for PrettyLittleThing.[12]

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