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Flickerpix Animations
Industry Animation
Founded 2003
Founder Joel Simon
Headquarters Holywood, Northern Ireland
Services 2D Animation, Motion graphics, Stop Motion

Flickerpix is an animation company based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Flickerpix have produced a wide range of projects including On The Air; a mix of stop motion and 2D animation based on the Gerry Anderson (broadcaster) BBC Radio Ulster show. They have also produced the BBC Northern Ireland series Five Fables; an adaptation of Seamus Heaney's translation of five medieval Scots fables. This was narrated by acclaimed comedian/ actor Billy Connolly and scored by Belfast-born pianist Barry Douglas.[1] Their collaboration with CBBC Newsround for the special Living with Alcohol went on to be awarded a BAFTA.[2]


Flickerpix was established in 2003 by creative director Joel Simon and began by producing animated stings for local TV station UTV in East Belfast.

Within the first two years of their founding, Flickerpix produced their first animated short film Horn OK Please which depicts a day in the life of a Bombay taxi driver. It combined a mixture of stop motion animation and 3D backgrounds. This went on to win over 16 international awards.

In 2006, Flickerpix created the animated TV series On The Air for BBC Northern Ireland which was based on BBC Radio Ulster The Gerry Anderson Show. Due to the success of the first series, the show was made into a total of four seasons and went on to win the Royal Television Society NI Comedy and Entertainment Award in 2015.

In 2008, Flickerpix became part of Waddell Media, one of Ireland’s largest and most successful independent production companies, and moved to the seaside village of Holywood, Northern Ireland.[3]

Following this, Flickerpix went on to create television series Days Like This and Wee Wise Words. They also produced over 7 minutes of specially commissioned animation for the 14 minute documentary Living with Alcohol, broadcast during the World Cup season on CBBC. In 2010, the documentary won the BAFTA for best Children’s Factual programme. The company also produced a short film for BBC Comic Relief in 2009 which was written by Richard Curtis and voiced by Martin Freeman. Using a mixture of 2D and 3D effects, the film highlighted the problem of Malaria in developing countries.

In 2012, the animation studio released their second stop motion film Macropolis; a story of two toys with impairments who are discarded from a factory production line. Since its release, the film has won over 14 international awards, including Best Animated Short at the 4th Irish Film & Television Awards. In the same year, Flickerpix designed their first app called Macrophonics[4] which was based on Macropolis.

Flickerpix developed the television series Five Fables which retells five medieval Scottish stories written by Scots poet Robert Henryson approximately 500 years ago.[5] The fables were translated by Irish poet-playwright Seamus Heaney and Flickerpix adapted them into a five-part series for BBC Two Northern Ireland, directed by Dean Burke, which premiered on Thursday 13 March 2014. The fables included in the series are ‘The Two Mice’, 'The Mouse and the Lion’, ‘The Fox, the Wolf and the Carter’, ‘The Preaching of the Swallow’ and ‘The Fox, the Wolf and the Farmer’. The series was narrated by critically acclaimed actor Billy Connolly. Following this, the studio designed their second app Seamus Heaney: Five Fables[6] in collaboration with Touchpress. The features of the app include insights from leading academics and an interface that allows you to move between Heaney and Henryson’s text, as well as being able to watch the animated series. In 2014, the app was awarded 'Best App' at the Celtic Media Festival.[7]

In 2014, Flickerpix designed their first game app Boogie Woogie[8] which is a rhythm, dance and memory game built for iOS and Android platform and was programmed by Billy Goat Entertainment.[9]

Flickerpix have recently collaborated with JAM Media and Double Z Enterprises to produce the animated TV series Zig and Zag, which currently airs on RTÉjr and CBBC. Creators and writers, Ciaran Morrison and Mick O'Hara, reprise the original voices of the beloved puppets.


Flickerpix provides a range of animation services including stop motion, 2D animation and motion graphics. Their clients vary from television broadcasting companies, such as Channel 4 and BBC, to advertising agencies.


Short Films[edit]

Title Release date Awards
1. Horn OK Please [10] 2005 Best Short Film- Irish Film Festival Chicago 2007

Best Short Animated- 4th Irish Film & Television Awards

Best Animation- Cine-Jeune Festival in Saint Quentin 2006 [11]

Best Editing and Best Animated Short- ÉCU Film Festival 2006

Best Animated Short- FICCI BAF Awards 2006 [12]

Best Animation- Kerry Film Festival 2006

Best Short Film- Satvajit Ray Film Award London 2007

Best Animated Film- NAFF Bosnia 2008

Special Diploma for Character Reliability- Multivision Festival, St Petersburg, Russia

Special Commendation- Galway Film Fleah 2006

Best Animation Studio Film Award- 24FPS New Dheli 2006

2. Macropolis [13][14][15] 8 July 2012 Best Animation- 10th Irish Film & Television Awards [16]

Best Animated Film, Audience & Director's Choice Awards- Sedona International Film Festival [17]

Best Short Film- Irish Film Festival Chicago 2013 [18]

Best of Festival and Spirit of the Festival- Focus Film Festival [19]

Best Short Film- Cine-Jeune Film Festival [20]

Best Short Film & Best Youth Film- 23rd International Film Festival 'Les Nuits Magiques’ [21]

Audience Award- Ashland Independent Film Festival

Best Irish Animation Award- Blackrock Animation Festival, Ireland

Best of Festival & Best Animation- Picture This Festival, Canada

Festival Jury Award- Cinemagic, UK

Best International Film Award- Klik Animation Festival, Russia

ASIFA Award for Best Animated Short Film- International Film Festival for Children, Argentina

Television Series[edit]

Released Series

Title Premiere Date End Date Network Awards
1. On The Air [22] 2006 2014 BBC One Northern Ireland Comedy and Entertainment- Royal Television Society Awards Northern Ireland 2015 [23][24]
2. Days Like This [25][26] 1 December 2008 21 December 2008 BBC Northern Ireland
3. Wee Wise Words [27] 20 December 2009 23 December 2009 BBC Northern Ireland
4. Five Fables 13 March 2014 3 August 2014 BBC Two Northern Ireland

Current Series

Title Series Premiere Date(s) Notes
1. Zig and Zag 1 1st March 2016 on RTÉjr

25th April 2016 on CBBC

Co-produced with JAM Media and Double Z Enterprises



Title Release Date Awards
1. Macrophonics February 2013
2. Seamus Heaney: Five Fables [28] September 2014 Best App- Celtic Media Festival 2015
3. Boogie Woogie [29] October 2014


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