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Flicknife Records is an independent record label set up in the United Kingdom in 1979 by Marco "Frenchy" Gloder, and Gina 'Wild Thing' Nares. It specialised in psychedelic rock and Hawkwind and ex-members solo projects. Throughout the 1980s, it released material from artists such as Michael Moorcock, Robert Calvert, Hawkwind, The London Cowboys, Erazerhead, Alien Sex Fiend, Nico and Underground Zerø. An associated label, The Trust, was home to Specimen and The Barracudas while Tuff Enuff was set up to release solo projects such as The Barracudas' Jeremy Gluck. Flicknife Records was also home to dance label Soho Girl Records (SG Records). SG was the first label to release Adamski (later to score a #1 with 'Killer') and scored a #7 hit 'Hippy Chick' with Soho (through Virgin/Hedd). Flicknife was also the first label to release tracks by Dogs D'Amour, Ozric Tentacles.and Adamski through their dance label Soho Girl Records (SG)

From 1993, the label was under the umbrella of Cherry Red who released a retrospective compilation CD on Anagram Records entitled Frenchy Scissorhands - The True Story of Flicknife Records (Cat No CDM GRAM 59).

In recent years, the label has been revived by Gloder with a view to release compilations as well as new bands to fit in with the old scene, bringing some fresh ideas. Such as the likes of Electric Cake Salad. In 2012 they signed Warrington band Slydigs, releasing their debut album "Never To Be Tamed" in September 2012. In April 2015, they signed the Voluntears, a band that has created a lot of media interest and has been tipped for commercial success with their album 'Beggars Belief '.

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