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Flight Plan
Industry Video games
Founded 1989[1]
Defunct August 2010
Headquarters Gifu, Gifu, Japan
Key people
Masami Watanabe (president)[1]
Products Black/Matrix series
Summon Night series
Number of employees
Website www.flight-plan.jp/

Flight-Plan (フライト・プラン, Furaito Puran) was a Japanese video game developer perhaps best known for the Summon Night series of role-playing video games published by Banpresto. Founded in 1989, Flight-Plan began by developing the Black/Matrix series of tactical role-playing games, published by NEC Interchannel (later Interchannel Holon) in Japan.[1] In January 2007, Flight-Plan began self-publishing some of its games, such as Dragon Shadow Spell and Sacred Blaze.[1] Other clients of the company have included Sony, Nintendo, and Sega.

In August 2010, the company quietly closed its offices and ceased business, and their website was taken offline.[2]


Titles released outside of Japan have a * after their title.

Black/Matrix series[edit]

Summon Night series[edit]


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