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Written inPHP
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeAcademic advising system

FlightPath is an open-source, web-based academic advising system designed for universities. Originally created by The University of Louisiana at Monroe, the software package was released as open-source on March 13, 2013.[2][3][4]

FlightPath is designed to facilitate more accurate advising sessions on campus, as well as provide a complete history of past advising sessions. Advisors may select which courses they wish a student to register in, up to several semesters in to the future, as well as leave comments for the student and other campus staff. Students and advisors may also try out other degrees using the "What If?" tool, to see their courses applied to a different degree plan.



FlightPath was created by The University of Louisiana at Monroe's Student Success Center,[5] after searching for a commercial solution to online academic advising and retention services,[6] but failing to find a software package which was both affordable and provided the required features. The original release of FlightPath, in Fall of 2006, was functional but lacked the framework necessary for contributions from the open source community. By 2012, FlightPath's core code had been modified to resemble many of the development framework features of Drupal, a popular open-source CMS, making it now suitable for adoption by other universities. FlightPath has since been made mobile-friendly, and is now part of ULM's mobile app.[7]


FlightPath's core features are centered on the functionality of advising and degree audit, and are expanded through the downloading of add-on modules.

Some of the core features are as follows:[8]

  • View student's transcript and degree plan, grades, etc.
  • Perform substitutions and exceptions
  • View transfer credit equivalences
  • View course descriptions
  • Search complete set of degree plans available
  • Leave comments for students or other staff
  • See complete advising history
  • Easy to customize for developers and administrators
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Mobile theme

Add-on Modules[edit]

FlightPath's functionality is extensible through the use of add-on modules. Below are a handful of examples:[9]

  • Banner Integration - Uses student and course data from the Banner student information system
  • Locale - Translates FlightPath's static text into other languages
  • LDAP - User authentication handled through an LDAP server

Deployment and Installation[edit]

Installing FlightPath is relatively straightforward. Its source code is copied onto a compatible server, then visited from a web browser. An automated installation wizard then guides the user through the remainder of the setup process.

Server Requirements[edit]

FlightPath uses industry-standard web server hardware and software:[10]


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