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Flight Crash Companion (FCC) is an alternative rock band from New York City. The band consists of one core member, Evan Cooney, and features a revolving cast of musicians. The sound is mostly rock, with occasional electronic elements. Since their formation in early 2004, they have released 4 EPs. (But Will It Sell?, An Untitled Winter, Criminals, and No New Message)

While they perform rarely and almost exclusively in New York, they have gained international recognition from song placements in NBC's Life (ep 217, 207, 202 and 111).[1][2] FCC can also be heard in NBC's Friday Night Lights (season 1, episode 22 "State"), The Season (episode 10) on the BBC Switch and the short-lived NBC drama The Black Donnellys (Ep 9 "All of us are in the Gutter")

FCC releases music on their own Pompeii Records imprint, but have a publishing deal with Rescue Records

In 2009, FCC's "One Thousand Times" was listed in the Ultimate Summer Playlist on the Vanity Fair owned site, vfagenda.com [3]


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