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Flight Design General Aviation GmbH
Limited company
FounderMatthias Betsch
Number of locations
Key people
Lars Joerges, Managing Director (2017)
ProductsLight aircraft, hang gliders, paragliders
ParentLift Air
DivisionsFlight Design Ukraine[citation needed]

Flight Design General Aviation GmbH (formerly Flight Design GmbH) is a German aircraft design company and aircraft manufacturer, formerly based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Kamenz and now in Eisenach.[1]


The company started building hang gliders and paragliders in the 1980s, and ultralight aircraft 1993.[1]

The CT series first flew in March 1996 and was put into production in 1997. The aircraft line can be flown under Microlight/Ultralight regulations in many countries and under the Special Light-Sport Aircraft (SLSA) rules in the US and countries that use the ASTM standards for showing compliance. The original engineering and design work was performed in Germany, but production and all assembly of the aircraft was established in Kherson, Ukraine, to lower production costs.[2]

In February 2011, the company announced that it was developing a four-seat design to be designated C4.[3]

In February 2016, the company entered receivership, due to its high debt-load. Lawyer Knut Rebholz, a partner of the law firm Mönning & Partner, became the temporary administrator of the company.[4][5]

In April 2017, in collaboration with Vessel Co. of South Korea, the company introduced the new KLA-100 low-wing, light aircraft. AOPA editor Jim Moore noted that this had been done while the company was undergoing a financial crisis. However, by June 2018 the design was not listed on the company website as being in production.[6][7]

In July 2017, the Flight Design-Design organization, the production facility in Kherson, and all rights to the CT series (CTSW, CTLS, CTSL Supralight, CTLSi, CTLE) was acquired by Lift Air, a division of Lift Holding from Eisenach, Germany. The company has since moved to the Kindel Airport, near Eisenach where final inspection, test flights and engineering management are performed. Lars Joerges is the new managing director.[8]


Flight Design Aircraft
Model name First flight Number built Type
CTLS 2006 >1800 LSA long range cruiser, high wing microlight/sport aircraft, 2-seat
C4 2015 in development True 4-seat design
CTSL-Supralight 2013 Ultralight aircraft, high wing microlight/sport aircraft, 2-seat
MC 2008 Metal Concept, high wing microlight/sport aircraft, 2-seat
CTSW 2003 CT Short Wing, high wing microlight/sport aircraft,2-seat
CTLE 2010 CT Law Enforcement, high wing microlight/sport aircraft, 2-seat
CTHL 2010 Composite two seat, high wing microlight/sport aircraft
CT2K 1999 Composite Technology, high wing microlight/sport aircraft, 2-seat
KLA-100 2017 Low-wing, light aircraft, 2-seat
Axxess Single or two place rigid wing hang glider
Exxtacy Single place rigid wing hang glider
A4 paraglider
Stream paraglider
Boxtair paraglider
Twin two-place paraglider


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