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Flight Miniatures is a brand of plastic snap-fit style desktop display model aircraft. The majority of models they produce are of commercial airliners in 1:200 scale. Other scales and a limited range of military aircraft models are also available.

The models are manufactured in China. They are made of injection molded ABS plastic and finished with great detail using pad printing. These models do not require any additional painting, decals or gluing just a push together assembly that takes only a few moments.

These models were initially produced for the airlines and travel industry as promotional items but have become a favorite of collectors and are now available to the general public. The models are sold online by the company as well as through many different distributors.

Flight Miniatures was started as a company in 1989 and changed its name to Genesis Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. January 2002. Flight Miniatures was retained as a brand name for the model line and as a division of the company. They are based in Cottonwood, Arizona.

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