Flin Flon Transit

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Flin Flon Transit
Service area Flin Flon, Manitoba
Service type bus service
Routes 2
Operator Northern Bus Lines
Website Flin Flon Transit Schedule

Flin Flon Transit is a provider of public transportation based in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. Municipally managed since 1972, the service is currently[when?] operated under contract by Northern Bus Lines. In prior decades[when?], the mining centre featured several private systems.[1]

Two routes operate in the area. One line serves the city of Flin Flon through a loop service that runs from 5:30AM–6:30PM on Monday-Friday and from 11:00AM–6:30PM on Saturday. An additional route crosses the nearby Saskatchewan border to serve Creighton on Monday-Friday from 6:00AM–5:45PM.[2]