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Flingsmash cover.png
Director(s)Hidetoshi Takeshita
Producer(s)Yutaka Sugano
Toyokazu Nonaka
Composer(s)Mariko Nanba
Yutaka Minobe
  • JP: November 18, 2010
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

FlingSmash (たたいて弾む スーパースマッシュボール・プラス, Tataite Hazumu Sūpā Sumasshu Bōru Purasu, lit. Striking Bounce: Super Smash Ball Plus) is an action video game developed by Artoon and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It was announced on Nintendo's press site on June 2, 2009, during E3 2009.[3] The game requires the use of the Wii MotionPlus accessory; Nintendo introduced the Wii Remote Plus, a variation of the Wii Remote with features of the MotionPlus, which is bundled with the game.[4] It was released in November 2010 in North America, Europe, and Japan. The game borrows heavily from the paddleball concept and consists of players using the Wii Remote to hit the character, Zip, towards obstacles and collectable items.


The game is set on the fictional Suthon Island. It is said to hold the power to protect the world from harm, which was protected by a large palm tree and watched over by the nature spirits in the island. Before the game, the antagonist, Omminus, takes over the island in order to rule the world. As a result, the palm tree begins to wither and the princess becomes ill. The leader of the nature spirits recalls an old legend about a hero using sacred pearls to restore the peace. He finds the treasure chest where the hero, Zip, resides. Zip, and a friend from the neighboring Eesturn Island, Pip, set out to retrieve the pearls and defeat Omminus.


Worlds and stages[edit]

The game consists of eight worlds, each of which consists of three levels. In each level, the screen will scroll constantly in one direction. The direction depends on the stage and Wii Remote Hand. Players must collect a pearl to complete the level. To collect a pearl, players will need to find three medals. Medals are hidden within each stage, and are also carry medals into view. If the player falls back to the edge of the screen for too long, he/she will get eaten by Hydracoil, and will lose a life. If the player loses all of his/her lives, the game is over. If the players collects a pearl in all three levels, a boss stage is unlocked in each world. The world is cleared after the player beats the boss.


If the player gets an A ranking in all the three stages for the first time, a mini-game option will appear on the world selection screen. Each mini-game shows instructions on how to play it. If playing with a friend, players will see a gold icon for a competitive game and a blue icon for cooperative play.


FlingSmash received mixed reviews. However, it has a Metacritic score of 48 out of 100.

Aggregate scores
GameRankings54.65% [5]
Metacritic48/100 [6]
Review scores
Game Informer7/10
GamesRadar+6/10 [7]
IGN4/10 [8]


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