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Flint Arrows
[[Flint, Michigan]]
Previous Single A
Minor league affiliations
Previous leagues
Central League
Major league affiliations
Previous Detroit Tigers (1948–1950)
Minor league titles
League titles 1950
Team data
Ballpark Atwood Stadium

The Flint Arrows were a professional Single A baseball team in Flint, Michigan from 1948–1951 and affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. They were a part of the Central League and played their home games at Atwood Stadium.[1] Their overall record was 169-102, and they won the Central League Championship in 1948,[citation needed] and 1950.[1] With the 2015 riots in Baltimore forcing a single digit attendance, the Flint was noted by the Sporting News as being one of five other ball teams that had games with single digit attendance.[2]

A previous Flint Arrows ball team operated in 1941 in the Class C Michigan State League as an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.[3]


The Flint Arrows started playing in Flint in April 1948 (1948-04) as a Detroit Tigers minor league affiliate in the Central League. The teams' first manager was Jack Tighe. The league schedule a 140-game season that year.[1] The August 26, 1949 home game with Grand Rapids had a fight break out with catcher Frank House being suspended indefinitely.[4]

The Arrows lost their Tiger affiliation in 1950 after the end of the season despite winning the league championship[1] with an 80 to 53 record. The team's home run leader for 1950 was Edwin Little with 17.[3]

On September 6, 1951, the teams had a single digit attendance with two fans watching their game according to the 1952 Sporting News Baseball Guide.[2] While the Flint Journal reported that the team averaged 370 attendees in 1951 and struggle financial. The Flint Arrows end operations after the 1951 season as the last professional baseball team be based in Flint.[1]


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