Flintstone, Georgia

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Chattanooga Valley, looking toward Flintstone

Flintstone is an unincorporated community in Walker County, Georgia, United States.[1] Located in northwestern Georgia, Flintstone lies approximately 12 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, 120 miles northwest of Atlanta, 135 miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee, and 150 miles northeast of Birmingham, Alabama.[citation needed] Although Flintstone is unincorporated, it has a post office,[2] with the ZIP code of 30725;[3] the ZCTA for ZIP Code 30725 had a population of 3,456 at the 2000 census.[4]

Flintstone experiences about 210 sunny days, and 110 rainy days, with an annual rainfall of 54 inches with only 3-5 days of snowfall due to the warm temperatures and humidity.[5]

Flintstone is also known as Chattanooga Valley, and the northern terminus of the community is the Tennessee-Georgia state boundary. Many residents commute to Chattanooga due to the city's physical proximity.

Geological features include the eastern slope of Lookout Mountain and Mission Ridge, as well as Chattanooga Creek and Rock Creek.

Flintstone is semi-rural, with pockets of subdivisions scattered throughout. It includes a business district complete with a bank, gas stations, hardware, a monument office and other amenities.

The former main line of the now abandoned Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railroad traverses Flintstone.

Flintstone is included in the Fort Oglethorpe Quad of topographical maps published by the United States Geological Services.


Coordinates: 34°56′30″N 85°20′37″W / 34.94167°N 85.34361°W / 34.94167; -85.34361